Procraster URL Schemes

Procraster supports integration with other apps via x-callback-url protocol. The x-callback parameters are defined by the x-callback-url protocol and are optional for all actions. If available, these parameters will be called by Procraster. Please note that parameters should be encoded. They are left unencoded for legibility

x-callback parameters

  • x-source [your app name]
  • x-success [url]
  • x-error [url]

Note: Procraster will add the parameters errorCode and errorMessage to the x-error url. If you set the x-error url to “myapp://x-callback-url/OpenTabError” Procraster will call (in case of an unknown tab):

myapp://x-callback-url/OpenTabError?errorCode=908&errorMessage=Unknown tab

Possible error codes:

  • 904: Invalid due date
  • 905: Invalid start date
  • 907: Unknown action
  • 908: Unknown tab


Description: Open Procraster and select tab (optional)

procraster://x-callback-url/open?x-source=[your app name]&x-error=[url]&tab=[procraster,timer,stats,tasks]


  • tab [procraster,timer,stats,tasks]

Example: Open Procraster


Example: Open timer tab



Description: Create a new task in a specified list with given name, notes, start and due date

procraster://x-callback-url/add-task?list=[inbox,next,someday]&name=[string]&notes=[string]&start=[unix time stamp]&due=[unix time stamp]


  • list [inbox,next,someday] if not set, the task is added to the Inbox
  • name [string]
  • notes [string]
  • start [unix time stamp] in seconds (local time)
  • due [unix time stamp] in seconds (local time)

Example: Create new task in the Next list with the name “My New Task” and with the notes “My task notes” that is scheduled for 15 Apr 2014 12:00 GMT and due 20 Apr 2014 12:00 GMT

procraster://x-callback-url/add-task?list=next&name=My New Task&notes=My task notes&start=1397563200&due=1397995200

Example: Create new task named “My New Task” in the default list (Inbox)

procraster://x-callback-url/add-task?name=My New Task


Description: Create a new project with given name, notes, start and due date

procraster://x-callback-url/add-project?name=[string]&notes=[string]&start=[unix time stamp]&due=[unix time stamp]


Example: Create new project with the name “My New Project” and with the notes “My project notes” that is scheduled for 15 Apr 2014 12:00 GMT and due 20 Apr 2014 12:00 GMT

procraster://x-callback-url/add-project?name=My New Project&notes=My project notes&start=1397563200&due=1397995200

Example: Create new project named “My New Project”

procraster://x-callback-url/add-project?name=My New Project


Description: Open Procraster QuickTask


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