Recurring tasks and projects explained

Tasks and projects that you must do on a regular basis should be set to recurring. This way you don't have to create the task or project more than once. You also don't need to worry about forgetting these items, because Procraster can remind you when recurring items are made available and/or due.

You can tell that an item is recurring because the checkbox is composed of two arrows:

To make a task or project recurring (or toster should start repeating the item. No new items will be made available befor stop an item from recurring), open the task's, or project's details window, and click the Repeat button.

You may choose to make the item repeat on a regularly basis (e.g. every wednesday and saturday) or after completion (e.g. one month after you complete the task).

Start date
The start date defines when Procrae this date. If you don't change this date, the item will start recurring immediately according to your selected rules.

Next date
The Next date is the date when the next item will be made available. When you change the Start date, the Next date will also change according to the selected start date and rules.

Due date
You may define a rule regarding the items due date. The due date will be set according to when the new item is made available. If you create a task that is recurring every Wednesday at 08:00 PM, and then set it to be due after 2 days, the item will be due Friday 08:00 PM.

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