Areas of responsibility explained

Areas of Responsibility are designed to represent the different “hats” that you wear in life, e.g. Parent, Partner, Home, Work, Student, Car, Football Team. Areas of responsibility can't be completed, but they may be deleted.

To assign an area of responsibility to a task or a project, open the task or project's detail window and click Area of Responsibility.

If you want to create a new task inside an area of responsibility, you may open the area from the Tasks tab and click in the toolbar.

You should keep your Area of Responsibility list sorted by degree of importance. Each area has a number badge on its right side:

To sort the list, click Edit in the upper right corner of the screen, and drag the items into the correct order. By doing this, you become much more focused on what's more or less important in your life. It's also important for the accuracy of the Procraster QuickTask algorithm.

By organizing your tasks and projects in different Areas of Responsibility, Procraster stats actually give you an overview of your life. Are you using your time the way you want, or does a less important area of responsibility take up to much of your life?

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