Delegated tasks and projects explained

There could be several reasons to delegate a task or project in Procraster, e.g.:

  • You are waiting for a response from a person before you continue on the project or start on the task
  • You have asked another person to do the task or project for you
  • You are collaborating on a project with others, and you want to keep an overview of who's doing what

To delegate a task or a project, open the task or project's detail window and click Delegate. The first time you delegate an item, iOS will ask you if you want to give Procraster access to your contacts. If you want to delegate items in Procraster you must allow access.

When an item is delegated, the contact's name will appear next to in the item's detail window.

To clear the item's Delegate settings, click Delegate and select Clear.

All delegated items will show up in the Delegated list. You can tell that an item is delegated by the contact icon, inside the checkbox , and by the Name being grayed out. The item's stats will still show up in charts.

Note: Procraster will never tell your contacts that you have delegated an item to them.

iPad only: Due to restrictions in iOS it's not possible to delegate items in popovers. To delegate an item, you have to open it in the Tasks tab.

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