Scheduled tasks and projects explained

Both tasks and projects may be scheduled for a later time. Schedule tasks or projects when it's not possible to start on them before a certain date.

To schedule a task or a project, open the task or project's detail window and click Start.

All scheduled items will show up in the Scheduled list. Scheduled tasks that have started will also appear in the Next list.

You can tell that an item is scheduled without opening it, because it will have on its right side.

Scheduled items that have started (the scheduled date is in the past) will have both green name and icon:

Scheduled items that have not started yet (the scheduled date is in the future) will have both a grey name and icon:

If the item also is assigned a due date, the icon will be replaced by . You can still tell if the item is started or not by the colour: green has started, grey has not.

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