How to compare stats between different tasks

Open the Stats tab and click . Select Tasks and click Done. If you have previously selected one or more tasks, these tasks will show up in the chart. If not, Procraster will show random tasks.

To change the selected tasks, click . If you haven't previously selected any tasks, the task list will appear, and you may then select the tasks that you want to show.

If you have previously selected one or more tasks, you may clear the selection by hitting the Clear Selection option. Procraster will then show random tasks in the chart, and you may click again to make your own selection.

If you want to add or remove tasks from the chart, hit the Add Tasks to Chart. Then select or deselect the tasks that you want you want. You may also click the chart's legend to show or hide tasks.

If you want to show the stats of only one task, you may select only one task. You can select a maximum of 15 tasks.

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