Overcome blocks to action

If you find yourself putting off more urgent tasks in preference to less urgent ones, then you are probably procrastinating!

The main reasons that people procrastinate may be generalized as follows:

• My task is too big

• I don't know where to start

• I've made a mistake

• I have to finish

• I have to be perfect

When you are procrastinating, open the Procraster tab, and select the mindset that you feel matches your own. Then follow Procraster'€™s advice to get you back on the productive track.

Procraster Cloud

Procraster Cloud keeps all your data in sync between your devices. Every time you finish a session, edit a task, create a tag etc., Procraster instantly syncs the changes to your Procraster Cloud account. Procraster also automatically checks for changes in the cloud when you open Procraster. This way you actually never have to hit the Sync button!

GTD® Compatible Task Management

To get the most out of Procraster, you should use Procraster to manage all of your tasks and projects.

Tags may be added to both tasks and projects, making it easy to get organized the way you want.

To add an extra level of organization, you should create a list of your areas of responsibility.

Recurring Tasks and Projects

• Regularly or after completion

• Hours, days, weeks, months or years

• Day of week

• Define a start date

• Set a relative due date by hours, days or weeks

• Reminders when recurring items are available and/or due

Procraster QuickTask

To help you get more productive, Procraster QuickTask helps you to quickly pick a task to start on, using Procraster'€™s QuickTask algorithm.

This Algorithm ranks tasks based on several criteria, and you may also narrow the task scope by selecting one or more tags.

If you have some time left before leaving, let Procraster pick a task for you!


Stats give you motivation, control and overview. It'€™s motivating to see how your productivity is developing across days, weeks, months or even years.

Stats put you in control because you learn better from your earlier projects and tasks. Next time you have to fill out the tax form, you can check your stats to see how much time is needed.

But most importantly, stats give you an overview of your life. Are you using your time the way you want, or does a less important area of responsibility take up to much of your life?


• Integrated with Procrasters tasks and projects

• Set session and break time

• Define rewards to motivate yourself

• Procraster Mode: Get motivated to finish your session

• Calendar Integration: Visualise your productive time